Microblading/Microshading Louisville KY

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Microblading uses a permanent makeup hand tool (usually a bundle of multiple needles) to draw super-fine hairs that mimic natural growth. Your skin has to be a candidate for this procedure to have AMAZING results. Dry & Firm. This is perfect for those with a large amount of brow Hair that just want a bit more oomph! 

Microshading corrects sparse or thinning brows using a manual tool/machine that administers tiny, pin-like dots in a gradient pattern, creating a semi-permanent powdered effect. This technique is PERFECT ALL skin types. Especially those of us who are oily.

Microblading Louisville KY

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I am 33 year old mom of a 14 year old boy named Brighten and a pooch named Lord Vegas. I am slightly funny, freckled faced and a bit neurotic every now and then. I strongly believe in self preservation, self love and often times some “preventative measures” by doing whatever it takes to make you happy. Be it Neuromodulators & Fillers, Beating your face daily with expensive makeup, or having your brows,liner and lips tattooed so that you can quit sweating the small stuff.. (errr— Like sweating your brows off )

There are a few things that I love as much as Empowering women and making them feel beautiful. Owning a Boudoir Photography business really allowed me to dive in and start spreading some self love.
When I became a permanent makeup artist I had no idea how GREATLY I would be rewarded. It never occurred to me that having “bad brows” could put such a damper on an ego, I’ll never forget the very first client that cried tears of happiness after looking in the mirror. She cried because her husband had never seen her without brow makeup on. ( yes even in bed!!! ) That solidified it for me! I knew at that moment what I was mean to do! MAKE BROW SLAYAGE & PERMANENT MAKEUP AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE!!

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